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This is a fanclub group for the brilliant Octava Espada, Szayel Aporro Granz of Bleach.

All fans of this awesome Arrancar are welcome to join. You can never have enough fans of perfection.


Group Founder: MissBezz :rose:
Founded 6 Years ago
Dec 17, 2009


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561 Members
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About Szayel Aporro Granz

Szayel is a meticulous intellectual and the scientist of the Espada. Unlike all the other Espada, Szayel is highly narcissistic, extremely flamboyant, and tends to make lewd, disturbing comments about his opponents. Szayel is quite sadistic and views others as little more than research material. He thinks poorly of non-Hollows, and hopes that Aizen will someday wipe all non-Hollows out of existence. He also thinks of himself as an actor, especially when toying with his victims.


:bulletpink: Carbon-Copy: He can unleash a massive amount of dark liquid out of his back. When droplets of the liquid touch an opponent, a copy of them is created that uses their own individual abilities against them. Since he fires such a vast amount of the liquid upwards, it is nearly impossible for his opponents to dodge or evade the attack. Szayel occasionally alters these clones' appearances to make them more aesthetically pleasing. As they are defeated, the clones break apart and multiply, adding to their numbers. He can disperse the clones at will, and they seem to have no free-will or thoughts of their own.

:bulletpink: Voodoo Doll: By grabbing an opponent with one of his "wings" and then spitting them out, one of the strands of his "wings" becomes engorged and bursts with purple liquid, creating a small doll that has the victim's likeness. Szayel apparently absorbs some of the victim's spiritual power in the process. Any damage done to the dolls' internal organs is done to the original, debilitating them from the inside. The doll's exterior also has some effect on the victim.

:bulletpink: Possession: Should he be eaten, Szayel can gain control of the attacker's nervous system, allowing him to gain complete control of their body. The effect of control acts as a form of will over that which is possessed.

:bulletpink: Gabriel: His final ability allows him to be reborn if he is injured beyond repair by "impregnating" an enemy. While he is in physical contact with the victim, he can implant a portion of himself inside their body. He then "devours" his way out of their body, by way of absorbing all the fluids and chemicals of the victim, killing them in the process. He matures and develops his body back in a matter of seconds from a liquid-like casing coming from the victim's mouth. Szayel takes great pride in this ability, comparing it to that of a phoenix, proclaiming himself a "perfect being" because of it.


:bulletpink: Master Scientist: Szayel is a talented and intellectual scientist, and he is shown to be very sadistic.

:bulletpink: Master Inventor: Szayel's intellect not only included science but also invention, most notably having created a constantly shifting maze out of his domain in Hueco Mundo, as well as a device that controls reiatsu.

:bulletpink: Advanced Trap Designer: Szayel has stationed many traps and such around his palace, one being a hole activated to the touch, which leaves the helpless intruder falling through the hole, and ending up on a sort of cylindrical slide that ultamitely leads them to Espada's room. He stated that out of all the traps he laid out, this one was the most basic, implying there were far more advanced traps around as well.

:bulletpink: Swordsmanship Specialist: Despite preferring to handle matters in a more intellectual manner, Szayel has shown to be a capable sword wielder, able to fend off enemy Shikai while staying almost completely stationary.

:bulletpink: Sonído: Szayel, like most Arrancar, can use Sonído. He was able to catch his enemy off guard as they used Hirenkyaku (which is supposedly faster than Flash Steps), which implies that he is faster then average for Sonido.

:bulletpink: Enhanced Strength: Despite his slender appearance, Szayel is deceptively strong, able to deflect Renji's Shikai attacks with a single hand.

:bulletpink: Hierro: Like most other Arrancar, his body is protected with his spiritual pressure, blocking Shikai with the back of his wrist alone. However, he doesn't seem to benefit from his Hierro as much as most other Arrancar do, as most successful attacks cause him to bleed. He does have a high amount of endurance though, being able to withstand the blast of a Sprenger explosion after a Kidou explosion, which burned him.

:bulletpink: Investigative Immunization Expert: Szayel has a variety of methods for analyzing an opponent's abilities, such as studying the damage done to their former opponents. Once doing so, Szayel can nullify the effects of their abilities, making him virtually immune to their attacks.

:bulletpink: Great Spiritual Power: As the Octava Espada, it's safe to assume that Szayel has a great level of spiritual power, at least above non-Espada Arrancar.



Random from Favourites

Group favourites related to Szayel Aporro Granz. :heart:




Dear members!
I was informed that :iconyukitoko: (I think that many of you know this sweet talented artist who loves Szayel very much) holds a contest named "The Pink Winter Contest". Do you need any further explanations? :D

Here are general information about the rules of the contest and prizes of course -…

Have fun, enjoy the winter and show us your love for our beloved scientist :heart:

The following art rules for submitting art to the Szayel-Aporro-Club Gallery.

:star: Includes:

:bulletpink: Anything related to Szayel Aporro Granz
:bulletpink: Other canon characters can be in the artwork (NO OCs please)
:bulletpink: Fan-made wallpapers and support stamps
:bulletpink: ONLY your OWN artwork, please

:star: Excludes:

:bulletblack: Crossdressing and Genderbending
:bulletblack: Disrespectful or rude artworks
:bulletblack: Anything promoting hate towards Szayel Aporro Granz (obviously)
:bulletblack: Anything claiming ownership of Szayel Aporro Granz (perfection cannot be owned)
Please follow these few rules and make the Octava proud. :aww:
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